Welcome to my little corner of the blog world. I previously had a blog called “Crazy Life= Crazy Wife,” but, since I have had a lot of changes in my life over the last year or so, a change is in order!

I’m Nicole. I’m in my late 20’s and married. My husband’s name is Dave and we have been together over 5 years. We tied the knot in Feb. 2012 and, in Feb. 2013, our daughter was born. Dave is in the Air Force and I am a stay at home mom.

Most of my time is dedicated to my daughter, but just because I became a mother doesn’t mean I’ve lost my identity. If anything, I’ve found my purpose. Anyways, when I’m not changing poopy diapers or playing peek-a-boo, I enjoy playing video games, taking pictures, watching The Walking Dead, reading, and, when I can find inspiration, drawing. It is all about finding balance between being mommy and being Nicole.

So, welcome! Everything is still under construction. I am in the process of designing a banner and working on my layout. It may take a little while, since my boss (baby) is pretty demanding, but I’ll do my best.


About Nicole

I'm 32 years old. California born and raised. Mama to two wonderful kiddos. I love to travel, play video games with my husband, cook, and get tattooed. I'm generally a shy till I get to know you, which seems to give off the wrong impression to some. I can be a bit sarcastic. Ok, very sarcastic, but I mean it in jest (most of the time).
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