5 on Friday

[ONE] This weekend is the Balloon Fest here in town. We got to go two years ago, but it got rained out last year. I decided to check the weather for this weekend.

screenshot via weather.com

Hopefully we won’t get rained out again! It starts today, but I was hoping to go tomorrow. Talked to D and we aren’t going to chance the rain, so we will go tonight. I am really looking forward to taking Evie out there to see the balloons, as well as getting my Nikon out to take some pictures. Sounds like they have a lot of stuff going on this year too!

screenshot via bigcountryballoonfest.com

[TWO] This next week is something I have been looking forward to- a huge baby/kid consignment sale that happens only twice a year. I went for the first time in February, 41 weeks pregnant, just two days before Evie was born. It takes place at the local fairgrounds in a big building. It is like a treasure hunt. I love getting my baby girl nice things, but babies out grow things so quickly. I have found so many like-new things for her for a fraction of the retail price. I am hoping to find her some good board books, toys, and some clothes.

[THREE] So, I started this post on my laptop and I am attempting to finish it on my iPad. It is nap time, and she was ready for one. She is currently snugged up into my arm snoozing away. Nap time was almost ruined by my internet, though. I always play Rockabye Baby or The Piano Guys on Pandora for naps. She started squirming and I noticed the music had stopped. My internet disconnected. That can be awfully irritating at times and seems to be a widespread problem here with my ISP. There are complaints frequently on the base spouse pages I am a member of. Before it was just an annoyance, but mess up nap time and it become personal 😉

[FOUR] My husband plays a game called Ingress and they are having an event in Dallas in November. I agreed to to go. I am looking forward to getting in some shopping! If he gets to play his game, I get to go to the awesome malls. We have a serious lack of shopping here. I don’t care if I even buy anything, I love to window shop. It will be getting close to Christmas, so I could pick up some Christmas gifts while there.

[FIVE] My baby girl will be SEVEN months old tomorrow! Where did my newborn go?! Before I know it, we will be celebrating her first birthday. I am so looking forward to all the upcoming milestones, but so sad that she is growing so quickly.


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I'm 32 years old. California born and raised. Mama to two wonderful kiddos. I love to travel, play video games with my husband, cook, and get tattooed. I'm generally a shy till I get to know you, which seems to give off the wrong impression to some. I can be a bit sarcastic. Ok, very sarcastic, but I mean it in jest (most of the time).
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