5 on Friday


It has been a LONG time since I did one of these!

[ONE]  I recently got all of E’s bottles put away, and I am kind of sad about it. I mean, I wanted to be done with them. She is nearly 16 months old and drinks out a sippy cup no problem. I just hadn’t found the right sippy cup for her morning and nightly milk (still haven’t broke that habit!). She usually has a straw cup during the day, but in the morning and evening, she lays down to drink while I get her diaper changed and all that. I finally found a sippy that doesn’t make a huge mess and she drinks from easily.

So, back to the bottles. I couldn’t help but feel a little sting in my eye as I was gathering them all up. It just got me thinking that my baby is so big now! It seems like she grew up just recently. She was a baby one moment and now is a toddler. She may be my only baby. I’m not sad to lose the bottles, but more like sad to be closing that chapter. It went by way too fast.

[TWO] Evie is “talking” SO much now. She would babble before, but now she is holding full on gibberish conversations with you. She loves giving kisses and waving hello and goodbye. She now waves to strangers when we go out and she also acts shy. She ducks her head and pulls up her arm to shield her face a little. It is so cute. She is showing that she has quite the little temper. She gets frustrated if she doesn’t get her way and stomps her feet and screams. That’s a whole lotta fun.

Speaking of stomping feet, she finally started walking! Starting in December, she was “walking” all over the place using her wagon and Doc McStuffins car to help her get around. She got so good at it she would practically run around the house pushing them around. I knew she could walk on her own if she tried, but she just wasn’t ready. One day she just started taking a few steps on her own, and by the end of the week she was walking across the room.

It’s been about a month and a half now and she is all over the place. She can climb up on the couch and recliner on her own. She can slide herself down off of them and my bed. Nothing is safe anymore. She also got her first skinned knee. We went walking one evening and she got really excited. She was practically running down the walk path when she tripped over her own feet. She did this twice and was fine. The third time was the charm and she was over running around.

[THREE] Baby girl and I finally made it out to the pool today. She has gone swimming, but only on vacations at hotels. We have talked about taking her out to the pool, but other things, like nap time or errands, get in the way. I made it a point that we were going to go swimming this after noon before nap time. I got everything packed up, swim suits on, and headed out there at the perfect time. The weather was cooler than usual and overcast. The pool was totally empty, so we had the run of the place. I got her swim diaper on and slathered her in sun screen. The water was a bit chilly, but it was  nice once you got in. I pushed Evie around in her little blow up boat for awhile and then she swam around with me for a while. It was a fun time.

Left: July 2013 Right: Today

[FOUR] Evie had her first trip to the eye doctor last week. Long story short: Little Miss decided to scratch mommy’s eye. Mommy ended up in the ER with  corneal abrasions. Mommy decides she should really get her eyes checked because of the corneal abrasions and since she hasn’t had it done in like  7 years (oops!). When I was at my appointment, I asked my doctor when was the best time to get a baby/toddlers eyes checked for the first time. She said somewhere from 6+ months. She happened to have an opening, so we killed two birds with one stone and got her in too. She did wonderfully! She followed the light and took the dilation eye drops like a champ. Her eyes look great and we don’t have to get her rechecked until she is about 4!

[FIVE] I am having a serious craving for brisket tacos. I new restaurant opened in town and we went there last week. They had yummy brisket tacos, something that I haven’t seen on a menu around here. I first had them at a place in Fort Worth and they are good! These had a nice smokey flavor and didn’t need any bbq sauce. The only thing they were missing was some good pico de gallo or something like that.


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