Voices of PCOS

It is PCOS awareness month, and The Infertility Voice is doing a series of guests posts in honor of it called “The Voices of PCOS.” I found out that I have PCOS 10 years ago and it has had a profound impact on my life. So many women have it, but every case is different. Additionally, not all doctors know how to treat it, which I experienced first hand.

What Voices of PCOS is all about is sharing the many experiences of women with PCOS and people who treat PCOS. They can range in subject from trying to conceive to diet to pregnancy with PCOS. Each story is unique.

I decided to be brave and share my story this year. It was such an emotional and stressful time of my life, and it makes me feel vulnerable sharing that with complete strangers. In fact, most people, other than close family, don’t know all of the details of my experience. I am not a fantastic writer, but I put my heart into it. I just wanted to share my story in hopes that it may help at least one woman with PCOS.

If you would like to read my story, you can check it out HERE. If you are someone with PCOS and would also like to share your personal story, please check out the Infertility Voice and how you can participate in the Voices of PCOS!


About Nicole

I'm 32 years old. California born and raised. Mama to two wonderful kiddos. I love to travel, play video games with my husband, cook, and get tattooed. I'm generally a shy till I get to know you, which seems to give off the wrong impression to some. I can be a bit sarcastic. Ok, very sarcastic, but I mean it in jest (most of the time).
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